Valplast Flexible Partials


ValplastŪ is a flexible denture base resin that is ideal for partial dentures and unilateral restorations. The resin is a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and aesthetic properties that provides unlimited design versatility and eliminates the concern about acrylic allergies. Valplast may be used whenever you are considering a removable partial denture for your patient.


  • Retention - flexes into a retentive position, below the undercut.
  • Comfort - thin, lightweight and flexible.
  • Aesthetics - pink shades that allow your patient's natural tissue tone to appear through the material.
  • Strength - clinically unbreakable, more durable than acrylic and won't absorb stains or odors.
  • Ease - no tooth or tissue preparation is required so you can offer patients a conservative and pain-free solution.


  • Classic - Lab choice teeth
  • Select - Doctor's choice teeth and Keller sonic cleaner
  • MPL'S Valplast Nesbit - Ideal for posterior single tooth replacement
  • MPL's Valplast Flipper - Ideal for anterior single tooth replacement

MPL Dental Lab, LLC  has applied the technology of the Valplast partial denture material to three traditional designs - the nesbit, the flipper and a combination partial with a metal framework. These designs provide you and your patients with unique solutions for esthetic, comfortable tooth replacement.

Have specific questions about ValplastŪ designs? www.MPLLABS.COM MPL's Sonic Cleaners make all removable products sparkle. Click here for more information about MPL Dental Lab, LLC Customized Sonic Cleaners for your patients.

Valplast Partial Denture
An esthetically superior and fully functional restoration. Ideal for most partial applications. Includes Dentsply Classic Teeth.

Nesbit and Flipper
Valplast Nesbit: Ideal for posterior, single tooth replacement.
Valplast Flipper: Ideal for anterior, single tooth replacement.

Valplast Combo
Metal framework under the Valpast material makes this design great for free-end partials.



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